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Location. Knowledge. Now.

Our asset tracking solutions platform gives you the resources to act and manage your assets while raising your business to new heights. Location-based information provides powerful business intelligence at your fingertips.
Make your resources work for you, utilization is the key to success.

Expanding your business is knowing where your assets are at all times. Assets in use generate more revenue. Knowing your assets whereabouts increases utilization, productivity and profitability.

Peace of mind is knowing where what matters most is at all times.

Daily visibility, equipment status and location are imperative for smooth operations. Disruptions such as loss or theft need to be rectified. Having the ability to locate and recover assets protects your business and your bottom line.

Assets come in all shapes and sizes, so do our devices and solutions.

Varying equipment and assets pose unique problems and each company has individual business needs. We provide a multitude of device types, nimble report capabilities and integration to supply the right solutions for your business.

Asset Mobility + Informed Decisions = Increased Revenue

Allow your assets to pay for themselves. Increased visibility, near real time information and informed decisions turn capital costs into increased revenue and profits.

Tracking Solutions

Our software platforms empower businesses to make nimble decisions relating to assets and collateral tracking. User-friendly interfaces provide end users state-of-the-art applications to manage all things asset tracking.


CallPass provides a multitude of hardware products meeting all potential tracking needs. Track vehicles, equipment, machinery and more with indoor and outdoor capabilities.

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