How an Equipment Asset Monitoring Solution Prevents Theft

By November 5, 2020February 26th, 2021LANA
asset monitoring solution for theft prevention

solar sense asset monitoring on a generator


If you don’t have a full asset monitoring solution that includes a powerful equipment GPS tracker for your fleet, your expensive investments are at stake. Training your drivers to secure your assets and park in well-lit areas isn’t enough to protect your assets against theft. 

That’s why it’s important to have an equipment tracking system to help with loss prevention for your company. Asset tracking companies, such as CallPass, offer a powerful asset monitoring solution with innovative features to help you stay connected to your assets at all times, even if they’re moving beyond your control.

CallPass’ asset monitoring solution, LANATM Asset, gives you the full power of an equipment asset tracker but with expansive features. Geofence technology allows you to put a virtual barrier around an area. If your asset moves outside this area, you receive an immediate alert and can locate the asset on a live map for quick recovery.

Equipment GPS Tracker Asset Monitoring Alerts for Theft Protection

When you compare the price you pay for an asset monitoring platform that includes an equipment GPS tracker to the expense of potential losses, it’s pretty clear why having a good equipment tracking system in place is the right choice.

Asset monitoring platforms give you real-time alerts so you know the moment your asset is on the move. To keep an eye on your fleet even after work hours, alerts can be programmed to let you know the moment your asset is on the move when it shouldn’t be. This lets you contact the right authorities and make decisions right away, without missing a precious moment.

Keep Your Asset Secure with Geozones

Device, cloud, and meshed geozones work with your equipment GPS tracker so you can set a zone for your assets—and get notified the moment they leave that zone. Easily manage and monitor your assets’ locations with your own specified boundaries. This helps you rest assured your assets are contained, and if they leave their boundary—you’ll know about it right away.


Real-Time Mapping Keeps Your Fleet in Sight

So, what happens if one of your assets is stolen? Without a powerful equipment asset tracker, you could spend days to months trying to find it again—if you ever do. With an asset monitoring and equipment tracking system from CallPass, your own real-time map of your asset’s whereabouts is available at your fingertips. Access the current location of your asset and alert the authorities so you can get it recovered as quickly as possible.

Contact CallPass to Keep Your Fleet Fully Protected Against Theft

Equipment and asset theft can make a heavy impact on your business’ bottom line and replacement can be very expensive. Before it’s too late, invest in a powerful equipment GPS tracker and full asset monitoring solution from CallPass. Our asset monitoring solution does the above and more to make sure you know where your fleet is at all times and have the insight needed to recover your property quickly.

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