Asset Tracking Solutions For

Agriculture Equipment

Visibility even when there are no eyes there to see

Multiple equipment types spread out in a variety of remote locations and equipment that can sit for months between uses: only a few of the challenges of managing assets in an agricultural environment.

Manage by Exception Instead of Inspection

Deal with the information that is relevant, not the clutter of all the data. Use alerting on movement, departure, or entry of a geo-zone. Understand how long equipment has been at a location and how much it has been used while at that location. Use battery status to provide relevant near real-time information that you can act on.

Presence and Duration

Where is that tractor, is that where it should be? Hard to figure out from paper notes or a whiteboard – a whole lot easier with time-on-site reports that show you where all of your equipment is and how long it’s been there. Equipment on rental or lease can be managed for the duration on location versus rental/lease allotment.

Unaccounted For Equipment

Agriculture equipment being transported and making unauthorized detours can be expensive. Valuable equipment in remote locations is a target for misappropriation, and being alerted to that unapproved movement can be invaluable.


Our state-of-the-art devices give you control of a broad range of situations, keeping you confident that your assets are safe and secure at any time. With easy-to-use interfaces and advanced technology, you will never have to question the location of your resources.

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Understanding where the trailers are and how they’ve been sitting has increased our productivity beyond measure. I don’t know how we got along before CallPass.

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On-Demand Locating

Monitor GPS data from anywhere you are in real-time with speed, location and after-hours alerts delivered instantly via text or email.

Near Real-Time Tracking Data

Quickly and easily track your assets while gathering useful information — all from your computer or mobile device.

Custom Operational Alerts

Detailed reporting that’s designed to give you the business intelligence you need right at your fingertips.

Predictive Maintenance

When you track your maintenance information, you know for sure that all your assets are properly performing under the right conditions.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Worldwide real-time tracking via a web-based user-friendly application, that can be easily implemented and accessed anywhere.

Improve Security

Locate your assets in real time 24/7 to get the answers you need in seconds for the security of your business.

Versatile & Dependable

Tracking helps companies monitor their assets without power sources, making our solutions as versatile as they are dependable.

Daily GPS Reports

Create customized reports to maximize productivity. Get daily GPS reports delivered to you at the touch of a button.