The Visibility You Need

Containers moving around the country on chassis’? Trains sitting in yards? Now you can have the visibility you’ve always wanted.

Powerless Deployments

Solar power comes to where you need it, container tracking. See location, speed, and shock information per asset on a regular reporting schedule with start and stop of movement and high shock levels reported as they occur. All powered by the sun for a ten-year life.

On-Time Arrivals

Cloud-based Geo-zones and alerting keeps track of location arrivals, departures, and time-on-site. Prohibited Zone alerts indicate the inappropriate arrival of containers.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Valuable property and contents reside within containers often left unmonitored or unattended. Potential revenue losses build quickly when containers don’t arrive at their destination, forgotten and misplaced containers become capital costs in need of a write-off, or lost contents trigger unwanted insurance claims.


Our state-of-the-art devices give you control of a broad range of situations, keeping you confident that your assets are safe and secure at any time. With-easy-to use interfaces and advanced technology, you will never have to question the location of your resources.

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Our cloud-based solution means that CallPass takes care of the software and IT infrastructure, while you focus on growing your business.

Locate On-Demand

Knowing where your assets are when you need to locate them. Gives you the power to quickly make time and money-saving decisions.

Small & Portable

Manage all of your assets from around the corner to around the globe with devices small enough to fit in your hand.

Powered & Non-powered

Tracking helps companies monitor their assets without or without power sources, making our solutions as versatile as they are dependable.

Withstands The Elements

Ability to withstand extreme weather climates and conditions, including dust and water.

Tech Support

Talk to our certified U.S. based tech support team and get real answers and real results for your business.

Custom Reporting

Detailed reporting that’s designed to give you the business intelligence you need right at your fingertips.

Custom Alerts

Reduce worry and be more confident in knowing where your assets are located with our custom alerts.