Introduction to Asset Tracking for Containers

By July 21, 2020 July 22nd, 2020 CallPass M2M, LANA

Why A Container GPS Tracking Unit Works

When you send your container off, the last thing you want is for it to get delayed, or even worse, go missing. A container GPS tracking unit application is a necessary component when it comes to efficiently managing your containers. With great uncertainty in the shipping process, you want to make sure your containers remain on your radar to prevent any costly mishaps.

During regular business operations, you may fill and lock your container, and have it hauled away expecting it to be loaded onto a ship and delivered successfully to its final destination. However, with a shipping process that includes so many steps, there’s always the potential for error which can lead to problems for your company. To combat this, you want to make sure your containers are secure and properly tracked so you stay in control and know exactly where they are at all times.

What is a Container GPS Tracking Application?

Whether the containers you’re shipping are standard or refrigerated, you want a specialty asset tracking solution to make sure they get to the right location every time. At CallPass, our proprietary asset tracking software provides full-service container GPS tracking for every area of your business. From dispatch to accounting, customs and compliance, and sales and service, a powerful container GPS tracking application make managing your job a whole lot easier!

Container GPS tracking lets you track the exact location of your shipping container and view the complete usage through an attached GPS tracking unit. This gives you up to the minute reports and a near-real-time view to know your containers are secure and on schedule.

What are the Features of a Powerful Container GPS Tracking Application?

To track, monitor, and recover your valuable containers, you need asset tracking for containers that puts you in the driver’s seat. At CallPass, our solar-powered asset tracking for containers gives you complete control at the touch of a button no matter where you’re located. Features include:

  • Live Container Tracking: Sort and group your containers by type, make, and model for full control and easy access to your entire inventory. Accurate locations help you guide your shipment and get your containers and bins to their destination on time. Pinpoint and manage each container arriving to a specific dock or port while notifications alert you to their every move.
  • Secure Geo-Zones: Device based geo-zones are designed to keep your containers secure with instant alerts received through sms/email alerts. Cloud based geo-zones let you manage your container’s location with your own specific boundaries. Meshed geo-zones take it one step further letting you create a zone within a zone to cut down on searching through your inventory.
  • Customizable Reporting: Quickly manage and manipulate data to fit your business goals while easily scheduling reports, alerts, and mileage monitoring. Know how long your containers have been sitting and keep them moving at an appropriate schedule.
  • History Mapping: Know where your containers are and where they’ve been to improve customer interaction and avoid any route deviations or disruptions.


Asset tracking for containers provides real-time data on your shipping or any other type of container delivered straight to your email or mobile device. This helps you prevent loss and theft and maximize the life of your containers.

Exporting and importing your containers, keeping refrigerated containers functioning properly, and increasing the life of your containers is an important part of everyday container management. The more containers you have moving around the world, the more at risk they are for getting lost, damaged, or even stolen. Having reliable, accurate information about the whereabouts and condition of your containers keep your company running smoothly and creates an overall better customer experience.

Contact CallPass Today to Access Container GPS Tracking

If you’re trying to keep track of multiple containers daily, you need a container GPS tracking system you can rely on that gives you the control you need to run a flawless operation.

CallPass is an industry leader in reliability and service in the asset tracking industry with a feature-rich platform created to make tracking your containers easy. Contact us today at +1 (727) 324-1428 to request a free demo and see how the right container tracking system can create a powerful change in your daily operations!

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