Introduction to Asset Monitoring and Tracking for Reefers

By August 27, 2020February 25th, 2021LANA
Reefer Trailer at Dock

Reefer in transit

Asset monitoring for refrigerated trailers, or trucks, is essential

Especially when it comes to making sure your perishable goods make it to their destination on time. As your refrigeration units keep supplies cold, it is important to know where they are and what they are doing at all times. Without advanced asset tracking and monitoring your reefers, you risk not knowing when if they delayed, or when power failures and mechanical failures happen to your reefers that can cause spoilage to the cargo’s contents.

Every measure you take to improve your reefer’s management is a lifesaver to your company. Asset monitoring and GPS tracking for reefers is an effective way to help your reefers get to their destination safely and on time.

What is Asset Monitoring and Tracking for Reefers?

Reefer trailers and trucks can be more complicated to maintain than other assets because of their refrigeration system adding to the demand for maintenance. Asset monitoring helps you stay on top of your reefers so you can see exactly where they are, receive updated reports, manage scheduling, and know when an issue occurs immediately so you can act quickly and keep your reefers on schedule.

 CallPass’s LANA Asset tracking platform helps you manage your reefers easily while giving you a better understanding of your logistics. A GPS asset tracking device and software platform provides a 24/7 look at your reefers while they’re on the road or sitting in a yard so you can keep them moving to their destination.

What are the Features of an Advanced Asset Tracking
Application for Reefers?

To maintain complete control over your reefers, you want to have an asset monitoring solution that comes with rich features that give you the control you need to keep your operations running smoothly. CallPass’ solar-powered GPS tracker solution for reefers puts you in the driver’s seat, even when your reefers are on the other side of the country. Features include:

  • Advanced Reporting: Knowing your reefer’s location is important but receiving detailed reports to help you feel more in control takes things a step further. Reduce dormancy and know where and when your reefers are idle. Schedule check-ins to stay updated on your reefers.
  • Geo-Zones and Mapping: A solar-powered GPS tracker lets you see your reefers live on a map based on the latest ping. GPS tracking lets you know just where your reefer is going and where it’s been with a detailed history report, so you never miss a moment. Device-based geo-zones and cloud-based geo-zones let you manage your reefers by creating your custom boundaries. Meshed geo-zones go further with a zone within a zone feature for fast reefer inventory monitoring.
  • Temperature Control: Reefers need to stay at a certain temperature, so when your reefer hits the road, you don’t want to be left wondering whether its cargo stays cold. Asset monitoring for reefers provides a notification the moment your reefer’s temperature goes out of a specific range so you can act quickly.
Solar Sense

Why Do You Need an Asset Tracking Device for Reefers?

To keep your company thriving and your reefers on schedule, you want a powerful asset tracking device that monitors your reefer’s location while alerting you to any potential issues. When you’re able to keep tabs on your reefers, your daily operations run smoothly, and your company’s overall risks diminish.

Never feel unsure of where your reefer is again. Asset tracking for reefers provides real-time data straight to your email or mobile device to prevent loss and create a fast-moving schedule.

When you have full access to your reefers, you can maintain a stronger business plan and fully manage your fleet.

Contact CallPass Today to Access Asset Tracking Solutions for Reefers

CallPass is an industry-leader in service and innovation in the asset tracking industry with a feature-rich platform created to make tracking your reefers easy. Contact us today at 727-324-1428 to request a free demo and see how the right asset monitoring system for your reefers can create a powerful change in your daily operations!