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By April 9, 2020 April 14th, 2020 CallPass M2M, LANA

Optimizing Asset Visibility & Utilization

While at MODEX 2020 last month CallPass President, Jason Ashton had the great opportunity to sit down with Greg White and Scott Luton of Supply Chain Now, a leading provider of the latest and greatest content in the supply chain world to discuss redefining asset tracking and how to take your operations to the next level by optimizing asset visibility and utilization with asset tracking.

Getting Know Jason Ashton
Greg and Scott opened up the episode exploring Jason’s unique path into the tech industry. From an all-star four-sport athlete to a Sales Executive with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jason later landed a role in payroll sales this was his steppingstone into the world of technology here he worked closely with a group that was running a software company with a suite of services to integrate the supply chain, if you will, mainly from a sales accounting and overall inventory management system.

This group ended up offering Jason a position as Head of Business Development, this was his first immersion into the world of commercial GPS software platforms where he worked with AtRoads. Fast forward to 2008, Jason took the reins of a start-up company known as CallPass Tech that was founded by two finance guys that he knew, and its focus was strictly around providing GPS solutions to the BHPH auto finance industry.

Lets Talk CallPass, Asset Visibility & Utilization
Today the company is made up of two companies; CallPass Tech remains the parent company with CallPass M2M Solutions serving as a subsidiary. The M2M Solution company is focused on asset tracking specifically, maximizing the use of the individual assets themselves. These include containerstrailersheavy equipment, machinery, and an array of other powered and non-powered asset types. In all, with both asset tracking platforms, CallPass Companies has deployed over 800,000 GPS tracking devices to date!

Jason was then asked, “So what is the problem that you solve?”. He would highlight that CallPass M2M Solutions solves asset visibility and utilization. Approaching the common method of managing assets differently. Rather than simply protecting the assets from loss or theft; optimizing asset utilization solves instances like where an asset is supposed to be on a “job site Monday through Friday and it’s supposed to be generating revenue,” maximizing utilization is essential to securing peak profits.

Supply Chain, Asset Tracking and the Future
The trio later went into detail about the current state of Supply Chain and Asset Tracking. Jason stated that he sees the industry being the on-the-back end of fleet focused asset tracking. With more of an emphasis on getting a diagnosis and full-scale reporting of operational efficiencies on all of an organization’s valued assets, the new day of Asset Tracking is one that will take business’s operations to a new level.

The technological progressions of supply chain technology do not need to be rushed, but it does need to be respected. Jason hinted at an upcoming product release that he believes will transform the transportation industry. Created by our hardware partner XIRGO Technologies, this product can highlight load recognition and surface volume, it also takes images and gives you a calculation of what the surface volume percentage is in a trailer or container from 0% to 100% capacity.

The future for CallPass’s and the rest of the supply chain industry is one in which allows companies to track their assets on an inside out basis. This will connect divisions amongst major companies and reduce supply chain lapses like never before. Another aspect that remains to be fully infiltrated is that of BlockChain and the ability to connect this service with asset tracking solutions.

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