Asset Tracking Solutions For Mobile Equipment

Road-Side Signage

Increase Usage Based Billing

Management of heavy equipment, portable signs, generators and lights is necessary for effective project planning and usage-based billing.

Jobsite & Yard Management

Not knowing where your equipment creates an organizational challenge that directly impacts the bottom line of projects.

Asset Awareness

Pinpoint and manage the location of equipment and signage arriving to and from job sites, yards, customer locations, or even the shop. Built-in notifications alert arrival, departure, schedule deviations, and time on site.

Alert Notifications

View in real-time battery status of your tracking device and wired connection to powered equipment or signage. Monitor equipment and signage power source battery level and be notified in the event of a low or disconnected battery.


The ability to locate equipment when needed by simply pushing a button allows you to identify the location of equipment in real-time.

Motion Notifications

Having knowledge of where your equipment is supposed to allow you to make intelligent decisions when you are notified of equipment on the move. Whether scheduled, unscheduled, stolen, towed, or simply driven away, motion notifications provide the necessary data to react.

Recover Missing Equipment

Missing, lost, or stolen equipment can be overwhelming. Having the right system in place to manage equipment and more importantly recover missing equipment is imperative.

Equipment Health & Maintenance

Your equipment’s health is of the utmost importance, from battery life to maintenance schedules, and overall upkeep to ensure quality performance. Never miss a beat due to unplanned downtime or failing equipment.

Active Device Reporting

Provide a complete picture of your organization’s universe. Accessing device and equipment battery levels allows for proper planning and maintenance.

Device Management

Tag and store relevant information about your equipment and signage the way it makes sense for your organization. Disposition the type, make, and model for ease of managing and viewing of your company’s equipment.