Trailer Tracking: What to Consider When Choosing an Asset Tracking Platform

By December 3, 2020December 10th, 2020LANA
Trailer at Dock

How To Aquire Full-Scale Insight Into Your Operations:

FlatbedEvery business owner knows how important it is to use an asset tracking platform when staying on top of your trailer’s whereabouts. If a trailer is lost, or gets behind on schedule, you want to know immediately so you can take action. An asset tracking platform can help you greatly improve your trailer tracking operations while providing extra features to keep your business thriving.

While an advanced asset tracking platform for trailers is beneficial, not all are the same. So, whether you’re looking for a tracking solution for leased trailers, dump trailers, or even transfer trailers, it’s important that you choose the right asset tracking platform so you can get the best results.

With the ability to hold a clear and accurate look at your yard or multiple yards from one screen; you can quickly increase the utilization of your trailers, improve operational efficiency, and reduce labor hours. Optimizing each trailer you own allows your operations and bottom-line to thrive.

What to know When Choosing a Trailer Tracking Platform

At CallPass, our proprietary LANATM Asset trailer tracking software is designed to put you in charge and give you complete confidence and control when managing each trailer you own; we have you fully covered. When choosing an asset tracking platform for trailer tracking, you want to look for one that includes the following advanced features:

First-Class Mapping Capabilities For Trailer Tracking

A trailer GPS tracker and asset monitoring platform should provide live trailer tracking to pinpoint exact locations in real-time so you can easily manage delivery and receipt of your trailers. On-demand features let you use the advanced LANATM Asset platform for trailers through hardwired installation, so your assets are always in sight. But the mapping shouldn’t stop there. Utilizing a tracking platform that lets you view the complete history of your trailers from a specific time frame or from the very beginning allows you to ensure your operations are always flowing while holding drivers accountable.

LANA Asset Map View

Customizable Reporting for 24/7 Asset Awareness

Whether you’re operating in trailer leasing, want to keep an eye on your own dump trailers or transfer trailers, or simply want to ensure you optimize your fleet of trailers… it’s important to choose an asset tracking platform that comes with immediate reporting.

A full asset tracking platform sends you instant alert notifications for trailer arrival, departure, and owned or leased status. Through reporting, you can optimize your trailer pool by identifying heavily used trailers and idle trailers. By monitoring your trailer with the advanced technology of CallPass you limit dwell time and make critical operational decisions.

With asset tracking reporting, you can manage multiple yards all from your home or office while receiving a by the minute report to know how many miles are put on each of your trailers.

Secure Geozones for Trailer Tracking

You want a reliable asset tracking platform to make sure that your trailers are always accounted for. By choosing an asset tracking platform with geozones, you can manage and monitor your trailers and know the moment they’re on the go.

Device-based geozones let you receive notifications through email and text alerts with wired access while cloud-based geozones let you assign boundaries to keep your trailers and other prized assets where they’re supposed to be. The moment they cross out of the geozone you will be notified, helping you prevent theft or unauthorized movements and allow you to ensure your business is running smoothly.

LANA Asset

Meshed geozones help you reduce inventory search time and give you the added capability to set a zone within a zone, so you know where your trailers are at all times.

Advanced Asset Tracking Platform for Trailers from CallPass

With all the asset tracking solutions out there, it can be challenging to determine which one is the right choice. At CallPass, we’ve taken the best features for your trailer tracking needs and combined them in our innovative  LANATM Asset tracking solution so you can easily track your ranging types of trailers all with the simple click of a button.

To request a demo and learn more about our asset tracking platform, contact CallPass today or fill out the form below to get started and keep your trailers in your sight at all times.

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